The OJB has added exciting new capabilities to its justice analytics toolkit, first announced here in a previous blog post.  The new functionality is the result of OJBC projects in our two newest Member jurisdictions–Adams County, Colorado, and Pima County, Arizona.  These projects focused on county jail populations, with a particular focus on the behavioral health issues and needs of these populations.  The new functionality supports key measures such as recidivism (rebooking) rates for individuals with particular diagnoses, average length of stay by various demographic characteristics and pretrial statuses, and utilization of the county jail by the arresting agencies in each county.

Like the entire OJB platform, all of the new functionality is available for jurisdictions nationwide to use, under an open source software license, with no licensing or acquisition cost.

We have posted a demo screencast that highlights the capabilities of the toolkit, using randomly-generated data in a fictitious jurisdiction.

The OJB analytics toolkit includes dashboards that provide a quick view of key measures and performance indicators, as well as an “ad-hoc query” tool that provides “power users” with the ability to create custom analyses that dive deeper into the data.  The toolkit continues to feature a robust loading process that taps into operational data flows, and an enhanced, secure anonymization capability that enables linking of individual records over time without storage of any personally identifiable information.


As with all core OJB functionality, the OJB analytics platform is available under an open source license on the organization’s GitHub site.  The OJB leverages leading open source analytics software tools, such as Pentaho Mondrian, Saiku, R, and MySQL.  We have also created Docker images for the demo implementation exhibited in the screencast, and pushed them to the OJB DockerHub repository.  A good place to start in deploying these yourself is the Docker Compose file that creates the necessary containers.

We hope you’ll check out these exciting new capabilities, and let us know what you think!